Case Studies


Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy for creators to get paid. Patrons pay creators different types of subscription amounts in exchange for exclusive experiences and behind-the-scenes content.

Providing the best customer experience is critical to be the best membership platform in the world. Patreon consistently releases new features, which requires their support teams to stay up to date to continue delivering the best customer experience possible.

This also means that the internal teams at Patreon need to be prepared and ready for continuous change without delay, which is why they use Relay.

"As my team has scaled internationally, it's become more difficult to rely solely on chat and email to send updates. Not only do they often get buried in more active channels, but I'm left with a skewed perception of which teammates were really in the know and who missed out.

Relay makes it easy to know who is interacting and the level to which they did, allowing me to make quicker decisions about how my team best retains knowledge.

This leads to less time wasted and faster response times for our creators and patrons on new releases."

Angela, Director of Support


Remind is a communication platform that helps every student succeed by enabling educators to support learning outside the classroom. With their launch of Remind Coaching, they’ve been able to create an online math tutoring solution for math help with certified teachers.

With the rise of online and hybrid learning, parents and students have been looking for additional resources and Remind Coaching was ready to be their solution.

With such a critical mission at hand, Remind Coaching was looking for a solution that’d allow them to quickly scale their onboarding program without losing quality and consistency.

"Relay is a reliable, easy to implement product for teams to quickly ramp up onboarding for multiple new hires. We were able to efficiently and quickly onboard ~100 contractors in a couple months, monitor where they were in the process, and ensure they had the information needed to be successful.

Prior to using Relay, we had an onboarding process that made it easy for documentation to be ignored, challenging for us to track what was read by who, and cumbersome to set up ongoing reminders.

With Relay, that was automated once they were set up on their accounts. Information sharing is key to developing a consistent and high quality experience for customers and Relay makes that much easier to execute."

Yanping, Head of Coaching

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