Track in real time
who acknowledges new assignments.
who completes tasks.
how long it takes to get everyone in alignment.

It's hard to achieve both quality and speed when you're in hypergrowth mode. Relay is here to help simplify your workflows and boost your team's performance with real-time engagement insights.

Why Relay?

It's Effortless

Relay meets where your team is at. Continue using your favorite products as Relay streamlines your updates and tasks into a single easy-to-follow experience.

Real-Time Insights

You can deep dive on how your teams perform at any moment with the engagement metrics Relay automatically collects.


You can use Relay on your favorite platforms, including our Chrome extension, Slack integration, Gmail, and more!

Faster Execution

No more redundant meetings and follow-ups. Save hours per week with Relay's automated reminders, feedback collection, and real-time analytics

How much can you save per year
with Relay?

  • 52 weeks in one year
  • Relay Premium Subscription: $19.99/user/month
  • Operational Readiness cost:
    • 6hrs/week for one Manager
    • 3hrs/week for one Employee
Without Relay
With Relay
$0 /year saved by Relay.
Managers: at $ /hour
Employees: at $ /hour

Who is Relay Ready?

As my team has scaled internationally, it's become more difficult to rely solely on chat and email to send updates... Relay makes it easy to know who is interacting and the level to which they did, allowing me to make quicker decisions about how my team best retains knowledge.

Angela, Director of Support
@ Patreon

Relay has been a great tool for mmhmm as we shift to a 24-hour customer support coverage working in 3 different timezones. Not only are we able to make sure information from managers is not missed by folks in other time zones, but I've also used it to collect weekly feedback from our entire team asynchronously so that bug trends aren't missed because of tickets being handled on different shifts... It's helped reduce the chance that knowledge sharing is lost by working asynchronous, which we're all about at mmhmm!

Clay Powell, Support Engineer
@ mmhmm

We were able to efficiently and quickly onboard ~100 contractors in a couple months, where they were in the process, and Relay makes that much easier to execute.

Yanping, Head of Coaching
@ Remind Coaching

Relay gives me a way to keep the team accountable to new directives as we grow.

Ken, Senior Customer Support Manager
@ Uniform Teeth

Let's Relay!